The mission of the Teddy’s Star Fund is to provide the best Assistive Technology available for severely disabled persons at no cost.

For over fifteen years, the Teddy’s Star Foundation has made it possible for people with severe disabilities not only to expand their own lives, but also to contribute to the development of the lives of us all via the benefits of Assistive Technology. According to a study initiated by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, there are nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis -- approximately 6 million people. And that number is nearly 33% higher than previous estimates showed. It means that we all know someone -- a brother, sister, friend, neighbor, or colleague -- living with paralysis.

The costs of living with paralysis are considerable, especially when spinal chord injuries are involved. The costs also can vary depending upon the severity of the disability. First-year costs can start at $300,000 and rise over $1 million in some cases. Annual expenses thereafter can range from $40,000 to nearly $200,000 for the most severe of the group. Mobility options are a subset of these expenses. Insurance and government plans can help, but many among us still run short when it comes to acquiring even the basics of common care. 

Our latest project has been to provide an automated chair lift apparatus for a van for a disabled person and his family in Kentucky. Through our contacts with the Veterans’ community through “Still Serving Veterans”, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Veterans Service Organization, we have determined that veterans have an enormous need for automated chair lifts. Although the VA provides over $820 million per year in transportation assistance for nearly 23 million veterans today, there are numerous stories of veterans not being able to reach a VA facility. Efforts are ongoing to help in this area.

We are presently working on a specific fundraising project to provide mobility solutions for two young children in Alabama with severe disabilities. We are partnering with local community and church leaders and with Rifton Equipment, www.rifton.com. For 25 years, Rifton’s The MOVE® program has helped people with disabilities learn to sit, stand, walk and transition so they can participate more fully in family and community life. More details on the ongoing project may be found on our Home Page.

Please become a Donor, and join us and our other generous Donors in helping veterans and others in need of cost-effective mobility options to obtain the freedom they desire.


August, 2015 - Teddy's Star in conjunction with M.C. Mobility Systems, Inc. installed a valet chair lift
in a van for a Kentucky family which brings well deserved smiles to all involved !  Read more about this...


To the Teddy's Star Foundation

Unless a person has been in the shoes of someone who has a handicapped loved one, they have no idea what a foundation such as this one can mean. While few persons who are handicapped have the resources to finance equipment that is needed to make life a little easier, many do not. As a consequence, those who do not have the resources have to live their life with limited ability to perform even simple tasks such as getting in and out of a vehicle. As an illustration I would like to tell my son's story:

In 2005, at age 32, my son began to lose the use of his legs (a result of a car accident when he was 5 weeks old) and, as the years progressed, he became more immobile...to the point that he was confined to a power-chair and had to be lifted in and out of the van. Then in 2015 while helping Daniel into our van I dropped him and fractured his hip. After that, he and I both were fearful of another fall as the orthopedic surgeon informed us that another fall could result in a total hip replacement. Thus we limited on going anywhere and only went out when absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately, our van would not accommodate a lift. So I began searching for alternative devices that the van would accommodate.  I found a device called the valet seat but the price was far beyond what I could afford.  I began searching organizations that help handicapped persons but after sending letters and talking to many of these organizations I was at the verge of giving up. Finally, I found an organization called the Teddy's Star Foundation. I contacted this organization and explained my son's situation and told them about the valet seat. Even though they had never heard of this device, they made an effort to research it, contact the company that installs them, and then called me with the news that they would fund the seat, which costs more than eight thousand dollars. You cannot image what a difference this one device made in my son's life. He could now go places again without being afraid of falling and I could safely load and unload him.

As I stated earlier, unless you have a handicapped loved one you cannot image what an organization such as this is worth. The Teddy's Star Foundation is a wonderful, God sent organization that really cares about people and does what they are say they will. I would like to thank them for being there when we needed them most, but most of all I would like to thank them for caring and understanding the struggles of those who cannot help themselves and need someone who cares and is willing to put forth an effort to help.

Thank you so much Teddy's Star Foundation, I will never forget what you have done for my son!

Jackie E. Napier

The parents with a young football player who received grants from Teddy's Star presented by Teddy's Star Director Bud Carson can now control his environment by talking on the phone, turning on the lights, adjusting and changing channels on his TV and so much more.
Visiting on the Patio of the Pelican Hills Golf 
course just prior to playing a round of golf 
using the kind of Assistive Technology 
provided by Teddy's Star.
This unit of Assistive Technology, adopted by Teddy's Star, allows complete and comprehensive access to a computer with only head movement or change in facial
expression.  It was this unit, a product of Madentec Ltd. combined with other Assistive Technology from Microsoft Inc., that enabled men and women with quadriplegia to play golf right along side able bodied golfers in the Real Abilities Charity Golf  Tournament 2000 hosted by the Teddy's Star Foundation.
Assistive Technology has enabled Bill Miller, 
an artist and Advocate for Persons with 
Disabilities too not only resume painting but 
to be a winner in the Real Abilities Charity 
Golf Tournament 2000.  Mr. Miller produced a
commemorative painting for the event
entitled "No Flag Too Far" .
Click on the link below to visit 
Mr. Miller's web site the Art Miller.

Teddy’s Dad and I believe that the best way to honor our son and his memory is to continue his record of helping others. Teddy’s Star~A Foundation For Hope was planned to do just that. Our goal at the Foundation is to provide, at no cost to the recipient, Assistive Technology to persons who need it, but cannot afford it.  I ask you to join with us in this cause.  Your tax-deductible contribution today will provide hope for someone tomorrow.  With your help we will turn Teddy’s Star into a Galaxy of Stars of Hope for those who need our help. 

Mary M. McLaughlin

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