The Real Abilities Charity Golf Tournament



Ted McLaughlin
Teddy McLaughlin's
Dad & Chariman of Teddy's Star
Stars fell on Pelican Hill Golf Club at 
Newport Beach, California 

Teddy’s Star~A Foundation For Hope hosted, with support from Madentec Ltd. and Microsoft Inc., the very first golf tournament where people with quadriplegia, paraplegia and other severe disabilities were playing right alongside able bodied golfers and PGA professionals in Southern California. 

It was an historic and an inspiring event and the best way to illustrate it is through pictures.

“Everyone in this room knows adversity. It is part of each one of us and how we overcome adversity and deal with it, is who we are.  I have never seen a room so full of Champions as there are in this one”.

Bill Miller epitomizes the essence of what this day was all about. Through the use of Assistive Technology, such as he used to play golf, Bill has been able to paint again and he painted “No Flag Too Far” and commissioned it specially for this event. 

Bill Miller

“Pinch me! What more can you ask, a dream past imagination, more than you can ever imagine – unbelievable”. 

"No Flag Too Far"   by  Bill Miller
the ART miller

George Allen
Accessibility Product Manager
“When we heard the idea of using our software to allow people with disabilities to go golfing on a real golf course, we were thrilled. It not only provides a very real avenue for recreation to people with disabilities, but it also demonstrates how equalizing the computer can be for them.  We’re excited to be a part of this event.  The more everyone sees what is possible, the more they will accept the talents of those with disabilities”.  To many, George best summed up the end of a perfect day: 

“Today is a vision of what’s possible in the world”

Randy Marsden
CEO & President
Madentec Ltd.
“ Technology has leveled the playing field for people with disabilities in a game that already accommodates all skill levels.  This day has highlighted what is possible when perseverance, imagination, and assistive technology are combined – it shows the general public how something works rather than telling them.  This goes a long way toward removing the barriers which individuals with disabilities experience in their daily lives”.
Bill Miller... ready to play

Pelican Hill Club House
Newport Beach, California

Mick Countee (red shirt) talking with ABC News
Mick is Ex Director & CEO of the
National Spinal Cord Injury Association 

Cindi Bernhardt enjoying the shade

Crowd watching the golf demonstration

Some PGA Pros showing us how it's really done!

The Teddy's Star Table

Bill Codus 
Teddy's Star Advisory Board Member
at banquet and Jennifer Childs Sheehy in 
background receiving 3rd golfing award for the match!

Michael S. Oring, Esquire 
Attorney and Counselor at Law 
   Founder and Executive Director, FORE ALL!, Inc.
at Golf demonstration after the match.

Some PGA Pros showing us how it's really done!

Ken Loving showing his
one arm swing

Rene (Golf Travel Magazine) & Kevin Burton
Kevin is a golf pro and 
former team mate of Teddy McLaughlin

Ted & Mary McLaughlin relaxing with
David Lindquist, VP Teddy's Star, 
Mary's sister Frances, and Sam Chu

The Microsoft table at the banquet

(L-R) David Lindquist VP Teddy's Star,
Denise Lindquist, Charlene Bailey,
Frances, Barry Deyo

The Province of Alberta, Canada sponsors a hole
(L) Doug Cameron  (R) Wes Sawatzky
Front - Ted Mclaughlin, Barry Deyo
Back - Randy Marsden, Jennifer Childs Sheehy

Jennifer, Senior Policy Advisor for the Presidential Task Force for the Employment of Adults with Disabilities said that..."Since my accident, I've always said there were two days that changed my life, now I have to say there are three."

(L-R) Ann Stern, Bea Lavery & Ted McLaughlin
at banquet

Harriett M. Wieder
President, Linkage Political Strategies for Business
Huntington Beach, CA attends banquet

Hearts in the sky over Pelican Hill Golf Club

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